Artisanal Beauty

Cathryn Violet Artisan Soap is an eco-conscious, sustainable & environmentally focused company which was created to honor how organic & natural botanicals enhance skin luminosity. Each soap is handcrafted and every product is made with conscientiousness towards plants that are beneficial not only to skin health & beauty but also the tranquility of aromatherapy. We hope our suds improve the planet as well as your spirit! We also hope our decorative & luxurious soaps will add the beauty of natural flora to your home and our company’s philosophy is rooted in simplicity and inspiration from nature.

While living on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, I developed a passion for the artisanal craft of soapmaking. Inspired by the subtle yet majestic beauty of the natural flora that grew along the seashore, I studied native island plants, gardening and lived on an organic and ecologically sustainable farm. I learned the importance of living simply, surrounding myself with natural beauty, and pouring that philosophy into my craft.

As an east coast soap artisan now living by the sea in the ocean state of Rhode Island (where the state flower happens to be the violet and in a stroke of luck my middle name), I find myself inspired by the creative vibrancy as well as the historical artistic ingenuity of the area. What makes my soap unique is how the organic botanical ingredients are handcrafted in a way that lets the elements of nature shine with simplicity.  I use a secret European cold-process recipe and select flora and essential oils for their incomparable beauty, texture, cleansing and skin nourishing properties.   Cathryn Violet Artisan Soap utilizes the healing properties of nature’s organic botanicals in its environmentally conscious self care products.